Who are we?

For years I remember Christmas Day and Christmas pudding, made by my auntie Hilda who made two every year, one for Christmas and one for Easter. These were always made a year in advance and kept in the larder. They had flavour, texture and sometimes sixpence wrapped in foil which later became a pound coin – it always amazed me how the children were always the ones lucky enough to get the money. Every Christmas I have been fortunate enough to have had homemade puddings at Christmas time, which in recent years have been made by my auntie Pat. As a professional caterer for many years I had a desire to create my own signature puddings for family and friends, maybe the sixpence, pound coin or penny has dropped at last! So I’m pleased to say I have now developed my own original version of a homemade Christmas pudding and have been sending them around the UK to friends. You really can’t beat a homemade pudding, steamed over time in a real pudding bowl.